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Hi Everyone! This part of the website is more of a hobby. I love playing some music either alone or with friends! I also enjoyed singing in Smule. I dedicate this page for those contents! The plan is for this page to store my other hobby but we’ll see if I had the time and dedication hahaha.

Cover Music Video

I did some cover videos with my friends. This is very convinient since COVID-19 requires measures of physical distancing and we have no plan violating those measures haha. I mainly sing in these vids while also play some instruments. It is also fun to learn a bit of mixing although my mixing skill is really crappy haha

Earth, Wind, and Fire - September Cover

September Cover with the bandids! I record this at home, and filmed the clip at Hackett’s bus station. I had to wait until the first bus came, and then record it quickly lol.

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back Cover

Jackson 5 cover with the bandids! The scenery is a small pond in Dickson. It is a walking distance from where I live.

Radiohead - Creep Cover

Radiohead Creep cover with my colleage in Politeknik APP, Aji. It was fun cover back when I had time hahaha. This is filmed in Poltek APP.

Bobby Helms - Jingle Bell Rock Cover

Jingle Bell Rock cover with my friends. We did this to welcome Christmas back in 2017

Smule (Karaoke app)

Ok so I also play with this app called Smule which basically a karaoke app. In this app, I often sing japanese song such as L`arc~en~Ciel and One Ok Rock, and I really love dueting with people! If you also play smule, let’s follow each other!